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To Declaw Or Not To Declaw Your Cat

There are two sides to the declawing issue. One is clearly against declawing a cat because the associate it with amputation and takes away a cats right to defend itself in any given situation. The other side is for declawing their cats and kittens because they are strictly indoor pets and they want to protect their families from the scratches that cats and kittens inflict upon their human caregivers. Whichever side you are on, Americans and Canadians are the only two countries that allow people to declaw their cats and kittens. Some countries in Europe have outlawed it calling it inhumane and will not allow it for any reason, not even the large cats or bears in the circus are declawed for safety reasons as they are here in the United States. Not To Declaw: Declawing a cat's claw is major surgery and they don't just 'trim' the nails. The veterinarian takes the entire first joint of the cat's claw off, either with a laser or a sharp object that resembles a small guillotine. This is surgery your cat will have to...


Cat Grooming - Part 1

When it comes to grooming, cats are pretty good at taking care of themselves. But because he is living indoors, he needs some help being groomed. Claws need trimming and hair needs brushing. Grooming him once in a while can help keep your home nice and your cat happy.Trimming claws: If your cat accidentally scratches you or snags your shirt, it is time for a trim. Trimming claws is one of the easiest things you can do to your cat. It can be much faster than cutting your own nails. Use nail trimmers made especially for cats. Stainless steel, high-quality models can last many decades. Before you trim his front claws the first time, work with his front feet without any attempt to trim. Wait until he is in a mood to be touched. Hold him or leave him in his bed while you massage his body, working your way to his feet. Massage his foot. Rub between his toes. Press on the pads of his feet to make the claws extend, and then release. If he starts putting up a fuss, let go of his feet but do not give up too easily. Try...


Extremely Light Shedding Dogs

Every dog sheds some just like people lose a little hair. But some dogs shed much more than others, while the ones discussed here shed a lot less. A lightly shedding dog is better for those people that want a house dog without as much cleanup of the dog's fur required. It is also a plus for less grooming of your pet.Those that want a dog that shed's less have a large variety of breeds to choose from including: the Irish Water Spaniel, Puli, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle, Bolognese, and the Doodleman Pincher. This list is a sampling of breeds that shed less and isn't all inclusive of them. The so called non-shedding breds make the best pets for people with allergies. Dander and dead skin, which flakes off are allergens. The don't shed breeds don't make as much allergy inducing material as other dogs. The length of the dog's coat isn't as important in determining if he is a big shedder, as how many layers there are to his coat. In other words, pick a dog with one layer to his coat, not two layers. This rule a...


Demodectic Mange & Mites Affecting Your Pooch?

Does your dog seem to suddenly have small bald patches around his face, forelegs or eyes? He may be suffering from demodectic mange, which is caused by a tiny mite called Demodex canis. The naked eye is unable to see this tiny mite, so a trip to your veterinarian would be in order to properly diagnose the presence of the Demodex canis. Every dog naturally has this type of mite on their skin, but in order to be diagnosed as mange, lesions must accompany the other symptoms. Puppies can get this mite from their mother, but the Demodex mite is not contagious between other dogs. This type of mange can affect puppies from three months up to twelve months of age. In the pores of the puppies' skin, the mite resides, but doesn't cause symptoms until some (unknown) point, they activate. A puppy's immune system is not yet developed, so the demodex mites produce a substance that allows them to multiply once the puppies' resistance to their presence has decreased. As a dog matures, and his immune system is functioning p...


How To Introduce A New Cat To Your Dog

Dogs and cats are said to be enemies but this is not true. A survey in 2002 said that over fifteen percent of every household in the United States had one dog or one cat at the very least. The survey also stated that almost fifty percent of each home that included a dog or cat actually had both a cat and a dog. That meant that half of all the dogs and cats in the world shared a home with the other species. Behavior Issues Do Exist Just because many families have a cat and a dog does not mean that there are no behavioral problems. Some family pets have fights that the owners have to break up and some even take their issues to a behavior consultant for assistance with these issues. It is very rare that a dog will be scared of a cat because of its size compared to the cat, but many people allow their dog to bully their cat. There are some cases where the dog is smaller than the cat. In these cases the smaller pet may spend most of its time in fear. Often these pets spend the day hiding in the basement or unde...


Care For Your Canines Ear Infections

Ear infections in dogs ears can be very painful and serious, and should be treated immediately by a veterinarian, not ourselves. How do we know if our dog has an ear infection? By doing a regular inspection of our dogs ears will be the first step. Be familiar with his ears; know the typical smell, as that may be the first sign of something wrong. If there is an infection or ear mites, the smell may change, a foul odor is very typical of mites or infection. And if you see a dark, waxy type discharge, then this is another symptom of mites or infection. Either way, your dog needs to be checked and treated. Even if you suspect, it may be something as simple as allergies, it would be better to be safe than sorry and let your loving dog suffer. They depend on you for their care and they have total trust in you. So when you think of it that way, you want to do everything in your power to make sure they stay healthy and happy. The breeds with the longer floppy ears are going to be more prone to ear infections to ...


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